Cock Teasing Femdom

Cock Teasing Story

This cock teasing story is one of my favorite femdom stories recently. Sexy brunette and mature Mistress Hybrid is teasing black slave, to be [more…]
Femdom Facesitting

Mistress Facesitting

This lucky lucky guy from Lady Sonia’s website has not one but two Mistresses doming him! With Lady Sonia instructing her young blond co-Mistress [more…]
Pantyhose Feet Worship

Fishnet Feet Worship

  Sexy brunette footdom mistress is using her slave for proper feet massage. This gorgeous but strict amateur foot dominatrix is dressed in white [more…]
Femdom Boots

Boots Worship Story

Gorgeous brunette mistress in boots is humiliating naked male slave. This femdom slave must obey to her orders and properly worship her sexy boots [more…]

The Ordeal Of My True Slave

Picture this. You are kneeling naked on the coarse, stone floor of an ancient Temple in the dark, steamy rain forest of your fervid [more…]

Low Life Femdom

As we grew in our marriage it was becoming more an more apparent as to Who was to be the dom and who was [more…]
Latex Femdom Stories

Latex Femdom Stories

Latex femdom stories where mistresses dressed in latex torture and humiliate their femdom slaves are probably some of the best femdom stories, if you [more…]

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